Sunday, June 21, 2009

Does China Now Own the United States?

According to a recent article in Newsweek, the United States is now currently $11 trillion in debt and $3.3 trillion of that is owned by foreign countries. 53 foreign countries now own the debt of the US and out of all of these countries, who do you think is the largest share holder? If you guessed China, then you would be correct. China comes in first on the list, owning $767.9 billion and Japan comes in second owning $686.7 billion of our national debt (Newsweek, 2009). Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Algeria and Russia now also own part of the United States, just to name a few.
Despite this, the national debt keeps on growing. Every second it increases by $1 million dollars. Since 2007 it has increased by $3.71 billion per day, but since President Obama took office only 5 months ago the national debt has grown a staggering $137.27 billion per day. The new universal healthcare system that the Obama administration wants to implement is projected to put the US $1.2 trillion more in debt over the next 10 years, but will still leave 37 million people uninsured. Many believe that this number will actually end up being closer to $5 trillion after all of the smoke has cleared. George W. Bush started the problem and Barack Obama has now exacerbated it beyond repair (The Economist, 2009). Instead of fixing the problem and proving to be different then Gorge W. Bush, Obama and Congress have chosen to make the problem much, much worse. How does that make them any different then their nemesis?

So what exactly does it mean when countries like China own our debt? Well, when you take out a car loan to buy a car, the lender that gave you the loan puts a lean on your car until you are able pay off the loan, which basically means that the lender owns part of your car until you pay them back. So essentially, these foreign nations now own part of the US. Their control over the interest rates on these loans and thus their control over all of us is now at their discretion. But it gets even worse. China has recently expressed uneasiness and anger to the Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner because they have not seen a return on their investment and are starting to believe that the US will not be able to pay them back. They do not want to loan us anymore money, and they now want us to start paying them back right away. And there are other disastrous ramifications that will occur if the national debt continues to grow at the alarming rate that it is. The US government has already surpassed "bankruptcy" since "bankruptcy" signifies being at a "zero" point on the number scale and the US government is at a negative 12 trillion point on the scale. Thus the US has already far surpassed the point of "bankruptcy" and if the Chinese government were to ever stop funding this massively increasing debt then the US government would completely collapse and Americans would ultimately feel the ramifications of being beyond "bankrupt." The Federal Reserve is dangerously printing money to pay off the government's massive debt and as a result, inflation is now increasing at a rapid rate and the value of the dollar is quickly growing smaller and smaller. It is also possible that the US government could face "hyperinflation" at some point in time and if that happens then the dollar bill, your property, your life savings and everything else will be worth absolutely nothing (The Economist, 2009).

Don't think this could ever happen to your country? It happened to Germany after WWI and it is currently happening to the the citizens of Zimbabwe who are struggling to survive on a daily bases because of hyperinflation. It has made it virtually impossible for people who live there to purchase an item as basic as a slice of bread. If hyperinflation could happen to both of these nations then it could happen to any nation because history has proven time after time that if one does not learn from it, then it is doomed to be repeated. Unfortunately the Federal Reserve has now put us on a collision course with history.

Is the behavior of these politicans criminal? Would their behavior be considered theft on a massive scale? Absolutely because they are recklessly wasting your money without your consent. One way or another, you, your children and your grandchildren will have to pay it back. No debt ever goes unpaid. Most people are forced to live within a budget, so why shouldn't politicans be forced to operate by the same principle? People like you and me would be in prison if we even attempted a small portion of this behavior, so why is it that politicians (people who you elect to represent your voice) are allowed to recklessly waste your hard earned money without ever facing any consequences? And isn't it the President's duty and obligation to protect the financial stability of our Nation? What good will any social programs be if there is no longer a country to have them in anymore? Clearly the reckless and negligent spending spree in Washington needs to stop, but unfortunately the new administration shows no sign that this will actually happen anytime soon.


  1. Financial collapses traditionally oust the parties in power. Thus while we went liberal this past election, much of Europe is seeing a conservative shift since liberal parties held power when the collapse happened. With this in mind: I wish Hillary had won the Democratic primary.

    I wonder how many other conservatives would have rather seen Hillary in the oval office (based on the state of the economy now)? While McCain fought a hard battle, history suggested that he would lose due to the economic collapse. Now it just seems that Obama's inexperience is showing--that his smile just isn't getting the job done anymore. His spending seems to have people worried--the fact that it gets any mention at all on liberal media outlets suggests plenty.


  2. What he's doing is called generational theft. He is stealing from my unborn grandchildren to create socialized healthcare and other destructive government programs. Well if our country goes bankrupt that his socialized programs will all be pointless because their won't be a country to have them in anymore.

  3. Actually I agree with this article, lol im only 15 but I knew since before Obama would take office he would be elected and fouled everyone(just like hitler) and that he would ruin the country.. if there even is a country still... or maybe we would be so far in debt China would buy us and make us communist. =/

  4. Great blog! A couple more you might enjoy:

  5. My hat is off to the fifeteen year old with insight of a sixty year old. May all our children be endowed with such sight. Carry on young one. TuT

  6. Actually I agree with this article, lol im only 15 but I knew since before Obama would take office he would be elected and fouled everyone(just like hitler) and that he would ruin the country.. if there even is a country still... or maybe we would be so far in debt China would buy us and make us communist. =/

    It has noting to do with Obama, and it does not matter who is in office people! Wake up, they put anyone as president as they so fit, it has nothing to do with popular vote anymore. They decide and plan accordingly to who is going to be president not society! Also whoever is in office wont do a dam thing, because its all ready in place for every country to go into debt and to run a world goverment, global. No more individual conturies or goverments. Cant you all ready see it? And no your not smarter than adults you are just average joe that no's jack about jack. You guys been debt with China since like forever! Also you are in debt not just with China but you owe money to Britian haha what a joke America is. Lies after lies. Did you know that Hilter was put in power by America! Not by its people, America wanted everything to happen like it did and it still does, there agenda is to control you and persuade you to take sides that are never correct. The agenda is world domiant power, it has nothing to do with communist. So get eyes washed out. Oh wait you cant because your all machined made haha. This is great stuff. More importatly think for yourselves be your own leaders. The truth hurts I know.

  7. Great blog.

    If the United States cannot pay off its national debt, then what? A land-swap or a land-grab--you know, like as in a shooting war? To the victor belong the spoils of war.

    After the Revolutionary War, America got all the land from the east coast to the Mississippi River. After World War II, the Allies controlled Germany and Japan.

    I have heard of some prophecies that say that China will someday invade the west coast of the United States. So if China wins, they get the west coast? Or if we win, we pay off our debt?

    I know it sounds a bit crazy, but debts have to paid someday.

  8. You’re one of the few bloggers who actually cites your work. I rarely ever come across bloggers who do that. It’s fantastic and adds to your credibility.


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